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Sunday, May 28th, 2006
11:26 pm - Mistake, Mistake Mistake...
I realized upon reading my lat published entry that I had made many a mistake. For one, the subject made no sense at all! I am sorry if that confused anyone (if anyone reads my blog). Second, it also said it was my first entry, but it was, in fact, my second. I just needed to clear that up before I went insane! And to make it up to you, here is a picture that I drew:

(God, I hope it shows...)

That's supposed to say Chiho not Chihi...See, more mistakes!

current mood: and it shows...

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Saturday, May 20th, 2006
9:50 pm - Stupid School Uniforms!!
GYAH! So much to talk about in my first entry!

Monday was Yearbook Signing Day and I was walking alone, just getting people to sign my year book, Alisha got a page! Here's who all signed it: (this may take a while)Marquez, Quint, Garrett, Robert, Min Jung, Brandon, Gordon, Paul, Halima, Damian, Garry, Taylor, Nic, Chris, Catherine, Dillon, Eli, Randy, Thomas, Carlo, Ethan, Tiana, Danial, Zara, Jeffery, Jacob, Lauren, Lewis, Ian, Ms. Tuggle, Ariel, Ms. Payne, Kameron, Sheontay, Ms. D'Huyvetter, Greg, Ms. Westmoreland, Officer Gabriel, Ms. Bailey, Aliasha, Amanda, Taylor Layne, Mr. Kraft, McNeeley, Ainee, Yang, Courtney, Jasmine, Mrs. Hinger, Will, Ms. Bromely, Mr. Glenn, Enrique, Dominique, Ivan, Hao, Mr. Tuttle, Nathan.

Woo, that's a LOT of people!

Tuesday was our field trip to Stone Mountain.

This trip started out with me and Marquez laughing about signs (we were bored and tired). When we finally got there, it was me, Greg, Alisha, and Anna waiting to get on the train. It was then I said, "This train would be better if it had a caboose," and pouted at my lack of cabooses. To which Gregory pointed out (to Gordon's sadness) that it, in fact, DID have one.

Bad idea.

I was jumping up and down and wouldn't stop, so, of course when it was time to actually board the train, I was grateful to rest my legs.

Mr. Scott sat in front of me, Anna, and Alisha, and he was pouting and stomping his feet. When the train finally started, after many other people got settled, we were told by the audio tour guy Big-Axe Pete (or, as Mr. Scott put it, Kick Ass Pete) told us to sing. Which we did with gusto.

At last, it was time to climb Stone Mountain. I started out in good pace with Greg but soon fell behind due to my earlier jumping. So it was just me and Cody the whole way up.

But me and Cody did get separated when my breakfeast decided to show itself about 3/4 of the way. But with Ms. Bailey's help, I was up on my feet and moving in no time.

When we got to the top, I thanked Cody for sticking with me by buying him an icee.

The way down was easier (and faster) with no barfing!

Marquez fell asleep on me on the way back...kind of uncomfortable. But I did get to watch Daniel, Paul, and Nathan play poker!

Wednesday was field day...fun...

After getting my outfit together, complete with Alisha's jacket, I was driven to school.

As I knew we would, Ms. Tuggle's class lost field day. But I then sat down with a coke and a veggie-dog and rested.

Thursday was graduation...talk about nervousness!

The basic ceremony involved sitting..lots and lots of sitting, and a few exchanged hand motions with Anna a few rows behind me. Finally, it was time to graduate, and my nervousness disappeared once I stepped off stage, certificate in hand.

After graduation, a bunch of us went to a celebratory lunch at Fire Mountain.

Later that night, before Anna's party, me and my mom went to the mall. I got earings at Hot Topic!

Anna's party was fun, but I didn't talk much for I was too busy scarfing down plenty of Poppa's grilled hot-dogs to care.

My week was good.

current mood: and quite tired.

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Monday, April 10th, 2006
6:14 pm - Bow down to the ZADR doom!
I'm a HUGE invader Zim fan, and I like the following pairings:
Zim and Dib
Dib and GIR
Tak and Skoodge
Red and Purple
and Dib and Dwickey
Lately, I've been on deviantart.com for some good art. I found neofox's galley, in which she has a link to a ZADR livejournal club. On this club, she posted a thing against the classic cliches of ZADR fandom. Such as Dib cutting himself or Dib offering Zim an umbrella in the rain. Which is very accurate. If you're a fan of any pairing, ZADR or not, I ask you this:

Do you want cliches?
Do you want emoness? <--okay, sometimes the emoness is okay to a certain level.

You make the ZADR fandom cry

current mood: accomplished

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